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October 2, 2015

brain-150952_1280What can we learn from Michael Keck’s brain?

disco                                   My most recent work for Discovery includes a piece on what we can learn from the brain of former footballer Michael Keck, why Zika is likely to hit the US before a vaccine, and what the expansion of ticks means for Lyme disease. I also wrote about the benefits of naming a superbug after a Star Wars movie, and how exercise can keep the brain nimble.



I interviewed former U.S. goalie Briana Scurry about a head injury that ended her career on the playing field. She underwent pioneering surgery and is now an advocate for concussion awareness. Here’s the full story from the current issue of Minnesota Monthly.



I visited a convent in rural Minnesota to find out Who Becomes a Nun in 2015? The answer surprised me. Read the full story at Pacific Standard.

Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus (courtesy Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus)

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